SurfSaver 6: Save, organize, and search the information you gather on the Internet.

SurfSaver 6

Save and search Web pages instantly! SurfSaver lets you save, organize, and search the information you gather on the Internet. Never lose another Web page. We all know about the "here today, gone tomorrow" nature of the Internet. SurfSaver makes a PERMANENT copy of the important facts and figures you gather on-line... and SurfSaver lets you search the information you save -- an ideal tool for everyone doing online research. SurfSaver Lets You Save

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Timer ScreenSaver 1.0: Timer ScreenSaver to display digital countdown timer, idle time and save screen

Timer ScreenSaver 1.0

Timer ScreenSaver to display digital countdown timer, idle time and save screen. The Timer display of the Timer ScreenSaver can be configured easily using ScreenSaver properties from the Control Panel. Download and try Timer ScreenSaver for free. All updates to the Timer Screensaver will be provided to registered users free of cost. Use Timer ScreenSaver to track idle time on your computer, save computer screen by turning it off, and much more

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`IE Save Buddy 1.0: Easy IE plugins help you save,collect,manage information from Internet easily.

`IE Save Buddy 1.0

How to save information from Internet in one second? How to find out all you have saved in one second? It`s a piece of cake for IE Save Buddy. IE Save Buddy is integrated with Internet Explorer very well. It helps you collect, save and manage all kinds of information from Internet easily. 1.Save any part of a web page with perfect style. 2.Save a full page with a mouse click. 3.Browse and manage all you have saved easily. 4.Very easy to use.

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image quick saver 1.4:  Image Quick Saver allows you to save  web images quickly and easily

image quick saver 1.4

save into your disk directory just with one click! Image quick saveris specifically designed to address the biggest problems when saving images on the web.When saving images with IE, you have to save each image serperately, that is to say if you want to save 20 pictures you have to click 20 times .Yet,alternately, you can save the whole web page and all pictures on the web page will be saved into a foler. But if you look up the folder, some images

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ie quick saver 1.3:  IE Quick Saver allows you to instantly save  web page while  viewing in IE

ie quick saver 1.3

IE Quick Saver help you to save the web page into the format you want with a mouse click. Normaly in IE when you want save a web page, you should click the menu File -> Save as , and after a dialog come out, you choose the file format you want , finally you click the Ok button. Each time when you save a page, each time you do it. How borning it is! With IE quick saver, things changed a lot! Just with a click ,all have done for you !

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Image Open Save Dialog 8.2.0: Open and save your images with Image Open Save Dialog

Image Open Save Dialog 8.2.0

Image Open Save Dialog is a powerful development tool that allows loading and saving images in software you are developing very qiuckly and easily. Thanks to Image Open Save Dialog, you don`t have to learn specific features of graphics formats, the way they are loaded, saved, etc. The image is always loaded with the help of Image Open Dialog and saved with the help of Image Save Dialog.

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Attachment Auto Saver for Outlook 1.3: Automatically save attachments to hard drive  from Outlook folders.

Attachment Auto Saver for Outlook 1.3

Attachment Auto Saver is a Microsoft Outlook Add-On component that automatically saves attachments from Outlook email messages Attachment Auto Saver helps Outlook users like yourself save time and improve productivity. Whether you need to all inbound and outbound attachments or one. Whether you need to monitor one or many folders, whether you need to save your attachment in different locations Attachment Auto Saver is a perfect add-on.

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EZ Save Flash Help you easy to save flash file from web page

EZ Save Flash

saved to disk. Features One click saving Saving multiple Flash files in a web page youtube movie download Internet Explorer cache browsing Embed in IE and Flash context menu Float Panel hotkey KeyWords: youtube download,youtube movie download,youtube flv download,flv,youtube,save flash, catcher flash, free download, save swf, download flash, flash, flash program download, save web page, save flash, flashsaver, flash catcher, save flash animation,

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Save Money Now Software 3.7: Save Money Now Software

Save Money Now Software 3.7

Save Money Now Software? Save Money Now is a software program that provides you with the tools needed to save money now. The software takes you through a daily save money success process designed to help you save money now. Software Features: Free 15-day trial so you can try our software before you buy. Systematically drives you to save money on a daily basis using a step-by-step save money success program. Daily prayer, success confirmations and

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EZ Save MHT 3.4.1: EZ Save MHT allows you to save any web page as a standard .MHT web archive file

EZ Save MHT 3.4.1

EZ Save MHT is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows you to save any web page as a standard .MHT web archive file with a single click. WebArchives are complete web pages with images and all, but saved as a single, standalone file (.mht). Similar functionality comes already built into IE (from the Save as... dialog) but EZ Save MHT offers support for complex pages with multiple frames, scripts, Flash, and dynamic content.

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